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Biosecurity / Biosafety

Safe transport of biological samples

Training module on the transport of biological samples

  • Authors: Yann Bourguignon and Catherine Cochet
  • Publisher: Mérieux Foundation
  • Language: FR
  • Theme: Biosecurity / Biosafety


To ensure the quality and reliability of analyses, it is essential for laboratories to follow the procedures for the safe transport of biological samples.

When transporting these potentially infectious materials, very strict regulatory and legal requirements must be followed. Failure to do so creates a risk of exposure and contamination that could endanger the health and safety of lab personnel as well as nearby communities.

To prevent an incident, laboratories must put in place procedures for the handling, verification and identification of biological samples. In addition, they must define specific criteria for samples to be accepted or rejected – with attention to both respecting temperatures and using appropriate packing materials.

This module teaches you good practices for packaging samples while improving your knowledge of the transport conditions that respect security procedures.